Research question: Does religion have an effect on the power over life?

We want to establish the effect of religion on the power over life. Religion will be the independent variable and the power over life will be the dependent variable. The power over life was measured on a 10-point scale with higher values indicating greater power.

You have two variables: religion (Are you religious?) and the power over life.

1- yes – meaning religious, 2-no – meaning not religious

We recode this in the Transform – Recode into different variables:

1 – yes will remain the same

2 – no we recode it into 0 – no

So, 1 means religious, 0 means not religious

The fact that one is religious or not has a 0,1% effect on how much power they feel they have over their life. But we need to check the significance level of this (p=0,223) which shows that our model is not significant. Thus, we cannot state wheater religion has effect on how much power people feel over their life.

If our model would be significant, then we would focus on interpreting the unstandardized regression coefficients, which are reported in the column labeled B. Since this is not significant we do not need to interpret the coefficients. Thus, the result refutes our hypothesis. There is 22,3% probability that we got this result by chance, so our result is not significant. p is above 0,05 so our result is not significant.

The coefficient for religion, gives the difference between averages of the importance in work between religious and not religious people. The negative sign indicates that for religious people the importance of work is 0,073 points less then for religious people.

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